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Modernizing the Pit

PRODUCT: Trident Table Safe System - MANUFACTURER: JCM Global

Modernizing the Pit

JCM Global, the automated transactions solutions provider of such products as the Universal Bill Acceptor, recently introduced the Trident Table Safe System, which applies the security features of the company’s bill validators to cash-handling at the tables.

In the old days, a dealer used a plastic paddle to insert non-validated currency into a cash box to hand-sort and count. The Trident Table Safe System modernizes the pit by introducing baseline accuracy and real-time control, giving operators an accurate picture of pit activity.

More than “just a bill validator for a table game,” Trident is a complete pit accounting system that automates revenue handling, providing accurate information, in real time, on how tables are performing. Its bulk-note feeder processes multiple notes simultaneously. Its validator reads currency and alerts security automatically if counterfeits are discovered.

Also a complete table management system, it tracks assets from table to pit to soft count room, and to the back office; gives live drop information to the pit manager/shift manager; and has an automatic identification of the drop with its asset. It gives an audit of each asset dropped for the day and breaks that down to a specific time period, such as a week, a day, a shift, or an hour.

It does this without slowing the game or adding additional steps to the dealer’s tasks, while reducing operational costs. After thousands of “live table days,” customers notice no change in the game’s pace.

For more information on the Trident Table Safe System, visit or call 702-651-0000.

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