Modernized Sports Betting

Product: BGT Tablet Solution, Manufacturer: Best Gaming Technology

Modernized Sports Betting

BGT has recently expanded its retail offering to ride the crest of the tablet wave. The niche product we thought we never needed has unexpectedly transformed how we consume news, social media and television. It’s now about to transform the retail sports betting world too.

Running on a Windows operating system, the BGT Tablet software can offer punters over 170,000 markets a week across more than 30 different sports including baseball, soccer, football and racing. The small, table-top design means operators can maximize their space, providing more bet entry points without compromising on quality and content.

The nature of the tablet solution means that it is ideally suited to sports bars and smaller betting venues as well as even track-side. The interface differs slightly from BGT’s other products, but is nonetheless parlay and in-play focused.

The devices are easily managed through an innovative customer management and back-end system, which allows operators to entice customers with event-specific promotions as well as various sign-up and bet-type bonuses, as well as providing all financial data and report creation. The BGT system also is easily integrated into existing systems.

The product is completely customizable, with cashless options available through the use of a customer account or cash-loaded options for bettors who wish to remain anonymous. Cash recycling options are also available which minimize the risk of human handling errors and also increase security within the venue.

The BGT Tablet solution is essentially modernizing the sports betting world, introducing a new generation of self-service betting devices into a traditional environment.

It can also offer features that have been previously unavailable in traditional betting environments, such as a comprehensive statistics page provided by BetRadar which keeps bettors informed on previous form, head2heads, goal scorers possessions stats and much more. Also available would be live scoreboards and incredible in-play match visualizations for a range of sports.

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