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Mobile Poker

Product: Pocket Pickit Poker, Manufaturer: DigiDeal Corporation

Mobile Poker

DigiDeal Corporation recently launched its first mobile app, Pocket Pickit Poker. This is the mobile version of DigiDeal’s popular electronic table game Pikit Poker, available on its DTS-C and V platforms and approved for installation in casinos around the world. Pocket Pickit Poker is a five-card stud poker game played against a dealer’s hand with both three-card and five-card poker elements.

Pocket Pickit Poker uses a single 52-card deck and offers the player four wager options. Players start with $10,000 in their bank. They get to pick the first two cards to reveal. After the “High Hand” bet (required) and any optional bets are placed, five cards are dealt face-down to both player and dealer.

Players select and reveal their first card, and if it’s a nine or higher, they win. Players now select and reveal a second card and win if it makes a two-card straight, pair or straight flush. Then two dealer cards are randomly revealed. The player has the option of doubling the High Hand bet. All remaining dealer and player cards are revealed and the higher hand wins. If the dealer does not qualify with a queen-high or better the High Hand bet pushes.

Lastly, the “Bonus” side bet is resolved. As players continue to win and their bank grows, they will start to level up. Players are allowed to bet more money once they reach higher levels.

This app is all about enabling players to make their own choices. The game loads fast, and users have the option to change the chip set, stretch the screen, turn off sounds, and check game play statistics.

Another popular feature is that when players are logged into Facebook, their friends’ profile photos appear on the card backs.

In coming months, DigiDeal game development teams will be releasing updates to Pocket Pickit Poker, including easier-to-win bonuses and a version without ads. Additional DigiDeal mobile games are in development and scheduled for release in the coming year.

Pocket Pickit Poker can be downloaded to devices including the iPhone 4 and 4S; iPad 1, 2 and 3; and Android 2.2 or greater.

For more information, visit DigiDeal at or call 509-747-8887.