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Mobile Network

Product: Mobile Hospitality SystemManufacturer: MICROS Systems

Mobile Network

MICROS Systems has launched what it calls the “next-generation hardware platform” for mobile business operations in the gaming and hospitality industries. Components of the system include the mTablet and mStation products for customer service functions and OPERA Mobile, a fully integrated hospitality network.

The mTablet is a sleek, durable tablet that is purpose-built for the hospitality industry. Unlike consumer tablets, MICROS mTablet’s fullcolor LCD display provides a traditional display experience along with outstanding daylight viewable capability and enhanced battery life.

With the mTablet’s enriched battery, and the mStation wireless network, employees can service customers wherever they are on site. The mTablet provides fully integrated payment processing, and offers Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity. An expanded operating temperature range of 14 degrees to 140 degrees Fahrenheit and weather-proof
hardware allow for both indoor and outdoor use.

OPERA Mobile is a fully integrated solution enabling property personnel to check in and check out guests, organize housekeeping activities, manage task sheets, and coordinate room maintenance through the use of mobile devices. OPERA Mobile aids in optimizing revenue opportunities and operational efficiencies while maintaining a full-service,
personal touch.

OPERA Mobile’s Housekeeping Task Companion solution increases efficiency as it provides housekeeping staff the ability to change a hotel room’s housekeeping status on the go, as well as provide instruction to other staff members as to which rooms to clean next. The Housekeeping Task Companion system determines which rooms to clean based on
various factors: if the room is in backlog, how many guests will occupy the room, the anticipated arrival time of the new guests, and when the current guests will check out.

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