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Mobile Hospitality

Product: Insight Mobile Manager, Manufacturer: Agilysys, Inc.

Mobile Hospitality

Agilysys Insight Mobile Manager is a new and innovative dashboard application that enables hotel managers to view key information about the property quickly and easily from a mobile device.

The solution contains panels of strategically organized data elements, including remaining arrivals, remaining departures, VIPs, total guests, rooms, house status, housekeeping, revenue, groups, group rooms remaining and reservation summary. Users simply tap on each panel to drill down and obtain more details. Insight Mobile Manager features a user-focused responsive design that allows information to be presenteds on a variety of devices.

The dashboard can be filtered according to several criteria, such as property, building or wing, which offers a more in-depth view of activity. The solution gives managers a broad overview of historical data and current activity as well as a glimpse into the following day. It can be programmed to refresh automatically or on demand.

Insight Mobile Manager is initially designed for use with the Agilysys Lodging Management System (LMS) property management solution and the Agilysys Visual One property management system. It will access the user credentials and security protocols established in the PMS host to streamline system management. In 2014, the application will be available for use with the company’s next-generation property management system.

Insight Mobile Manger is supported by iPad, iPad mini and iPhone mobile devices.

For more information, call 877-369-6208, or visit

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