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Mobile Chip Cleaning

PRODUCT: The Pit Manager • MANUFACTURER: Elite Chip Care

Mobile Chip Cleaning

Elite Chip Care, a casino chip cleaning service that uses the process of Ultrasonics to kill bacteria and other pathogens from chips, has launched The Pit Manager, a mobile chip-cleaning cart designed for single-person operation.

The Pit Manager is fully mobile and self-contained. No setup is required—the user simply adds hot water, plugs the unit into any 110-volt outlet and turns the power on. After chips are cleaned and sanitized, the user simply empties the tank through a front ball valve, rinses the tank interior with clean water, wipes it dry and stores it for the next session.

The unit requires no heavy cleanup, and requires no maintenance since there are no moving parts that would require repairs.

The Pit Manager cleans 39 mm and 43 mm chip sizes, and also cleans acrylic chip racks and poker chip trays.

For more information on the product, which won an award in 2019 in the “Top 20 Most Innovative Products” competition, contact Clay Dubois at [email protected], or visit

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