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Miodunski Named Chairman of AGS

Miodunski Named Chairman of AGS

Slot manufacturer and operator American Gaming Systems has appointed former Alliance Gaming CEO Robert L. Miodunski its chairman, as well as interim president and CEO.

Miodunski led Alliance—the current Bally Technologies—as its Bally slot and system brand was rejuvenated by through acquisition of the former Sierra Design Group and development of what is now the Alpha Elite platform. He left Bally after accounting problems had led to incorrect reporting of earnings results, but is widely recognized for guiding the world’s oldest slot manufacturer through one of the most remarkable turnarounds in corporate history.

Miodunski reportedly was lured out of retirement by San Francisco-based Alpine Investors, which has stated its intent to make AGS a more influential player in the gaming equipment market.

The manufacturer’s current portfolio of products includes Class III and Class II slots, Class III and Class II server-based gaming and wide-area progressives, most with an emphasis on locals play. AGS is a leader in the Class II space, providing video machines to tribal markets.

“Alpine has decided to put strong financial backing behind and specific emphasis on its investment in AGS,” said Graham Weaver, president of Alpine Investors, “and Bob Miodunski delivers the credibility, the leadership and the motivation we need to take AGS to another level.”

“The opportunity to take a profitable and growing technology company and push it into the mainstream of gaming suppliers was simply too good to pass up,” said Miodunski, who has focused on real estate development since departing from the gaming industry in 2004.

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