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Real-Time Promotional Partner


Micro Gaming Technologies Inc. designs and develops software to automate, track and report all casino promotions. The MGT software applications interface bi-directionally in real time with almost every major player tracking system on the market with a touch-screen device.

MGT’s software can interface with slot machines, tablets, websites and mobile devices. These devices can become an employee that knows every player in the database, can evaluate the historical gaming activity, and can use the information to determine an appropriate prize based on the patron’s gaming value. The real-time Promotional Intelligence controls the distribution of the promotional budget. The device can then issue prizes by printing a bar-coded voucher or electronically posting the prize to the player’s account.

One of MGT’s newer devices added to the hardware catalog is the Card Printing Kiosk. With MGT’s Self-E module, customers can provide patrons a solution to long club lines for enrolling and reprinting loyalty cards. CPK purchases include shipping, one-year parts warranty, installation and a monthly module lease. Customers can print in full color at 300 dpi, from up to four configurable card tiers from the 2,000-card stack.

MGT was the first company to introduce the application of a “game” as a method to reveal offers to casino patrons. This method of rewarding players has enhanced the gambling experience, since patrons never feel that they haven’t won something with each trip to the casino. MGT has more than 200 games in its growing catalog, which customers can purchase instantly online with store credits or a monthly game subscription.

MGT presently boasts a 25 percent market share in the U.S., with more than 280 installed locations coast to coast; its clients represent more than 40 percent of the U.S. slot count. MGT aspires to four main principles to acquire and maintain customers: reliability, compatibly, flexibility and security. The company provides 24-hour support, ensuring a qualified support person always is just a phone call away to assist and troubleshoot.

For more information, visit or call 702-360-8550.

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