Melco Crown Picks Interblock

E-table supplier Interblock announced the placement of 10 MiniStar automated roulette units, each with eight play stations, in five of Melco Crown Entertainment’s Mocha Club properties.

Melco Crown Entertainment operates seven Mocha Club properties in Macau. Each venue is tailored to a different theme, providing their customers with an authentically distinctive gaming experience. The company prides itself on being the ultimate provider of the latest electronic table gaming offerings.

Interblock’s MiniStar line is a high-performance product with a smaller footprint that accommodates any casino floor, especially appealing to Mocha Club’s properties. It consists of a fully automated roulette generator with excellent visibility of the wheel and an ergonomically designed surface. The automated roulette generator enables between 80 and 150 results per hour.

The installation will take place at Hotel Royal, Sinatra, Macau Tower, Golden Dragon and Taipa Square Mocha Club properties next month.