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Marketing Maven

Romina Freijomil, Chief Manager of Marketing, Communications and Customer Service, City Center Rosario, Argentina

Marketing Maven

To say that Romina Freijomil is a highly motivated individual would underestimate the full definition of a woman who has diligently worked to develop a successful career over the last 17 years. It is this determination that has led her to her current position at the City Center Rosario in Argentina.

As one of the largest entertainment facilities in the region, City Center features—among other things—various retail venues, restaurants, convention space, a hotel and one of the largest casinos in South America.

As chief manager, Freijomil oversees individual marketing efforts for these various venues and develops them into a synergistic relationship that focuses on enhancing the overall customer experience while driving the bottom line. Although these responsibilities are as difficult as they sound, Freijomil embraces the challenge with full-fledged confidence and a passion for her work. For her, it is an opportunity to bring different elements to work every day and advance her professional career.

One of the most interesting components of her position has been to drive casino operations, which is the largest and most unique element of the overall facility. With an extensive background that had already expanded over almost two decades in retail and advertising, gaming was admittedly a new field for her. This, however, only attracted her to the position even more, which was posted back in 2009 when City Center first opened.

Given her curious nature, Freijomil felt well-positioned to take on the job and embrace gaming as a new arena for her to grow professionally. “The gaming industry offers a wide range of possibility for development, growth and creation,” she says. “Undoubtedly for me it was a great personal professional challenge.”

While the desire for continuous professional development is not uncommon, it was particularly unique for Freijomil, who was pregnant at the time. Not only would she be taking on a significant position for a major entertainment development, but she would also be taking on the role of motherhood. Both tasks would undoubtedly add substantial levels of new responsibilities to her personal and professional life.

Rather than shy away from it, however, Freijomil took a courageous leap and embarked on the new endeavor. Through the help of her now mentor, Ricardo Benedicto, who also serves as president at City Center, Freijomil proved her worth and was hired for the position.

“He was the one that recruited me even when I was pregnant,” she recalls. “He introduced me to the exciting entertainment industry and taught me the fundamentals of the game.”

In addition, Freijomil credits Dario

Montero, CEO of City Center, for her career advancement, particularly in the field of gaming. The main thing he taught her was the importance of watching your gaming customers.

“Follow them and understand their trends. Use your five senses to know who they are.”

Never backing down from a challenge, Freijomil has applied this advice and manages all the various areas of the facility while targeting guest needs with an ever-changing schedule.

“One day I may be planning a casino promotion, the next a concert event, the day after analyzing financials,” she says. “No day is the same; I love it.”

The ability to juggle all these items can be overwhelming, even for the strongest of minds. Freijomil’s unrelenting tenacity, however, has led her on a forward-moving trajectory that now finds her in one of the highest-ranking positions in her field. Freijomil serves as example to all young professionals. More specifically, her journey is an inspiration to young women everywhere who aspire to be successful not only in the workplace, but also at home.

“I’m happy with what I do,” she says. “I get up every morning with new projects and look forward to new things to do. I want to keep developing… I will be doing this for many years.”

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