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Markers Reimagined

PRODUCT: Marker Trax • MANUFACTURER: Marker Trax LLC

Markers Reimagined

Launched in 2018 by Ellis Island Hotel & Casino founder and Las Vegas gaming visionary Gary Ellis, Marker Trax is an industry-disrupting, innovative cashless casino marker system. Through an intuitive, easy to set up, use and maintain mobile application, Marker Trax issues and manages casino markers through a fully digital system, and—key for operators—makes paying those markers back seamless and incredibly convenient.

Marker Trax is a direct response to the cumbersome and financially risky process of issuing physical funds for a marker, a process that has long been accompanied by the knowledge that some of that cash will leave your property and go to a competitor or, even worse, will simply walk out the doors never to be seen again.

Through Marker Trax, marker funds are issued digitally, integrating with existing resort systems to only be available for use and withdrawal within their home property. The product further reduces the funding collection risk to operators by turning that into an automatic process, as well: Rather than providing the player with a specific, approved amount of cash, Marker Trax instead extends the marker by way of a digital line of credit.

When players cash out their winnings from their favorite slot machine, the outstanding marker balance is first paid back, before the player receives the excess funds.

That functionality also translates to more robust reporting capabilities—player activity, payment types and total enrollment statistics are all available through the operator dashboard in quick, easy-to-understand fashion, dramatically augmenting the ability to create tailor-made gaming experiences that cater not just to the entire player base, but to individual players.

Processing and approving a traditional casino marker can take days or even weeks, but with Marker Trax it takes just minutes, an appealing feature for operators and players.

As much as removing cash from the equation is an operator-centric feature, it’s as much of a benefit to players, too, who appreciate the added security and convenience of not having to handle large sums of money. That security and convenience are of great benefit to the payback process, as well, which is fully automatic.

Players who use Marker Trax are also able to spend more time enjoying their favorite games, and less time filling out paperwork and waiting for approval at the casino cage.

Another highlight of Marker Trax’s fully digital nature is the ability to consistently optimize the experience over time. This is anything but a static, stagnant product. Already a number of innovations are on the horizon—or even imminent, in many cases—including the ability to connect between multiple properties owned by a single operator, integration into mobile wallet setups, expansion to table games and sports wagering, and more.

With more and more companies and products entering the cashless tech sector, Marker Trax has already set the standard for both operator and player convenience and security.

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