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Marker Trax/KOIN Solution

Marker Trax, Inc. • Booth 2030

Marker Trax/KOIN Solution

Marker Trax cashless casino marker system is bringing a new level of payment efficiency to the global gaming industry at G2E 2022 with the unveiling of KOIN Mobile, LLC. Koin’s financial wallet combines all the traditional advantages of a digital wallet with the added benefits of being a fully integrated financial network.

With Marker Trax and KOIN, players can use a single digital wallet for all their gaming and resort payment needs. Integrating with KOIN allows Marker Trax to further deliver on creating a seamless and convenient cashless marker experience for casino players and operators.

The Marker Trax cashless alternative to traditional casino markers is available inside the KOIN mobile wallet and will continue to allow operators to manage underwriting and repayments efficiently, ensuring money remains in the casino by tracking the marker in a digital account, and automatically collecting funds at the end of each gaming session.

KOIN’s payment solution integrates with existing casino technology, without requiring extensive system upgrades for operators. It allows patrons to track, manage and control both gaming and retail spending, featuring a “financial wallet” that can be used throughout a resort, and with the optional Mastercard debit card, that can be used at any retail location throughout North America.

For consumers, this integration enhances convenience from funding to cash-out. It eliminates the need to pre-load an outside wagering account or pay ATM or cash advance fees. Through the KOIN wallet, patrons can play, enjoy their favorite resort restaurants, or shop at participating retail outlets, processing all transactions through their KOIN wallet and via the Marker Trax system.

For operators, migrating to cashless wagering greatly reduces operating burdens, and Marker Trax with KOIN allows operators to track player gaming and other spending throughout the resort, supporting more player-centric loyalty programs and stronger brand-building opportunities, with lower upfront overhead than traditional systems.

Marker Trax looks forward to introducing KOIN’s seamless mobile enabled onboarding solution and integrated payment network features. This next-generation cashless payment network will show operators how cashless can be utilized to transform gaming.

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