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Marker Trax, Koin Mobile Launch Koin Digital Wallet

Marker Trax, Koin Mobile Launch Koin Digital Wallet

Las Vegas-based Marker Trax, LLC and its affiliate Koin Mobile have announced the launch of Koin, a stand-alone gaming financial wallet platform that improves convenience and reduces costs for both patrons and operators.

Koin, combined with Marker Trax, delivers on their joint mission to create a seamless and convenient digital marker experience. The new Koin solutions allow patrons to use a single digital wallet for all their gaming, resort and general retail purchases.

“Customers want the convenience of a single digital payment solution they can fund however they choose, 24 hours a day, seven days a week, and use seamlessly throughout their resort experience, while operators love the ability to track spend, optimize brand loyalty, reduce operating costs and generate gaming lift. Marker Trax with Koin addresses all these objectives head-on,” said Charlie Skinner, chief operating officer of Marker Trax.

Customers enrolled with Koin can use a single digital wallet for all of their resort purchases, including gaming, food and beverage, accommodation and retail. Operators, in turn, will see the benefits of lower overhead cost in customer loyalty programs, increased spend and game lift with better systems to track customer behavior across the entire resort.

“It’s a mutually beneficial innovation for all parties, and we’re excited for where it will lead gaming, as the industry continues to embrace broader digital and payment technologies,” said Gary Larkin, chief strategy officer for Koin.

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