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Managing Data

PRODUCT: ReelMetrics Basic • MANUFACTURER: ReelMetrics

Managing Data

Whether it’s selecting, configuring, marketing or removing machines, the number of inputs (and choices) involved in managing slot floors is seemingly endless. To compound matters, the underlying data samples are often so tiny, dirty, noisy and misleading, that they erode confidence almost as often as they strengthen it. The result—bloated, imbalanced, and uncalibrated slot inventories, which, more often than not, leave players dissatisfied and floor performance marginalized.

Since 2014, data science firm ReelMetrics has been helping operators and suppliers re-calibrate their analytical infrastructures for streamlined operations, actionable insights and frame-breaking financial returns. Core to this value prop is the ReelMetrics platform—a combination of the world’s broadest, deepest, cleanest and most standardized slot data repository, as well as a suite of power-packed applications covering everything from automated data collection and reconciliation to the industry’s most targeted and reliable AI-driven recommendation engine.

Leveraging Big Data and scientific method, ReelMetrics puts its data and algorithmic arsenals to work to provide immediately actionable purchasing, conversion, config and marketing guidance precisely when and where it’s needed.

Although an exclusively paid service historically, the company recently introduced ReelMetrics Basic, a cost-free/freemium subscription that provides users with an opportunity to sample the platform’s power.

Like ReelMetrics Pro, Basic draws from the ReelMetrics repository, which is jammed to the rafters with comprehensive meter sets and meticulously compiled config settings and design attributes. Each subscription includes a subset of the platform’s application groupings (On Demand Analytics, Prescriptive Analytics and Predictive Analytics), as well as Pro versions of the ReelScan mobile app and CVR, the platform’s monthly push-reporting service.

So, for anyone who’s been flirting with Big Data but has yet to take the plunge, here’s the chance to do so risk-free.

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