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Managing Cash Flow

Product: M3 Vault, Manufacturer: M3 Technology Solutions

Managing Cash Flow

The M3 Vault is a method of looking at and analyzing in real time the “in and out” movement of cash from all the diverse sources that are part of gaming operations. The software tool presents this real-time financial information via analytic dashboards, and it is designed to evaluate either single or multiple properties of an operation.

Manufacturer M3 Technology Solutions, which got its start in the Oklahoma market, now has expanded to focus on key casino management solutions for gaming operations both large and small.

With the Vault system, operators are able to view cash flow from their vaults, mini-banks, POS stations, ticket redemption kiosks and ATMs. Money coming in and out of the vault is detailed and broken down by denomination, including tokens and chips. Cash that is sitting idle in POS terminals, ATMs and other similar areas also is reported by denomination. To give a full picture of the cash position, historical data can be used to identify trends.

By providing in-depth views of financial activity, this tool provides operators the ability to minimize idle cash and to maximize control over their casino floors. According to the company, viewing all daily transactions in such detail can provide up to 20 percent more funds for strategic casino investment opportunities.

Now in its second year of availability, the product provides gaming operations with other key features. Using various components of the product, cashiers can quickly image a whole shift’s worth of tickets, validate the amount of tickets, and determine whether or not they have been redeemed. Ticket images are permanently stored in a database—eliminating the need to store and search for fragile paper tickets and possible auditing issues. 

The M3 Vault allows for a real-time upload of the soft count (versus the standard daily upload), so variances are flagged and corrected when they happen, rather than forcing audits on variances. Custom money-bundling features and quick-count drawers allow vaults to be efficiently opened and closed. The Vault creates an entire batch of drawers for the cage, tables and player services while maintaining the integrity of vault accounting.

For more information on M3 Technology Solutions and the M3 Vault, visit or call 1-877-706-7394.

A marketing veteran also based in Las Vegas, Carolan Pepin has been working with companies from beyond the U.S. since her introduction to international business in Chicago with the Japanese conglomerate Panasonic. After being recruited to the gaming industry in 1996, Pepin worked for Aristocrat, Sigma Game and Cyberview Technology. Most recently, she has focused on helping an East European gaming manufacturer with its expansion into the American markets. Pepin can be reached via [email protected].

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