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Managing Access

PRODUCT: KeyWatcher Touch, MANUFACTURER: Morse Watchmans

Managing Access

Whether it’s a large casino on the Las Vegas Strip, a riverboat casino in Mississippi or a racino in Ohio, one of the most critical and most regulated areas of any casino’s physical security is key control. Physical keys are used to access all of the most sensitive and highly secured areas of the casino, including counting rooms and drop boxes, so rules and regulations are important in maintaining tight control and minimizing fraud.

Morse Watchmans’ KeyWatcher Touch electronic key management systems are a ready-made solution that offers multiple layers of security for access as well as convenient operation and automated reporting functions.

Keys are attached to a SmartKey device and secured in the tamper-proof cabinets. These keys can then be accessed by authorized individuals who have presented identification and have been approved by the system to access the requested key. All access activity is automatically recorded.

Gaming regulations such as the three-man rule for accessing key sets are readily addressed by the KeyWatcher Touch. One person each from three different departments are required to log in. Then, the KeyWatcher is programmable to recognize these keys or key sets and will only open the cabinet door and release them after the three required logins are complete and the credentials verified.

Situations that require keys to be accessed outside of regularly scheduled times such as machine relocations or customer disputes can also be accommodated by pre-programmed “notes.” Before a key is released, the system will prompt the user to enter a predefined note plus the table or slot machine numbers involved.

To make the task of adding, deleting or identifying SmartKeys from the system easier, the optional SmartKey Reader allows the user to perform these functions from a PC rather than at the cabinet. When changes are made, synchronizing the same information across multiple KeyWatchers automatically happens behind the scenes. It simplifies the task of keeping all KeyWatchers updated with current user key access and enrollment information.

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