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Making It Rain

Eian Counts, Vice President of Product Strategy, Rainmaker Group

Making It Rain

Although Eian Counts joined the gaming industry a decade into his career, he has since taken the world of gaming technology by storm. For the past five years, Counts has worked for the Rainmaker Group, a company that specializes in price and profit optimization in the gaming, hospitality and realty industries. While he started with the company as director of architecture and development in 2011, Counts was recently promoted to vice president of product strategy.

Equipped with a decade of experience from various software companies, including Microsoft, Counts found that the most challenging part about switching to the gaming industry was the difference in the industries themselves.

“The expectations are different,” he says. “You must fully understand the industry and its challenges to make sure you are properly addressing them as a vendor.”

Despite these challenges, Counts drew from his personal skill set to put himself on the road to success. He works well with the fact that this industry requires a lot of broad thinking. “You have to think of how each piece fits into the whole,” he says.

A large part of Counts’ success has come from his ability to make longstanding connections in the “relationship-heavy” gaming industry, as he knew from the beginning that he would have to immerse himself into building relationships with other industry professionals in order to be successful.

Although his personal qualities have contributed to his success, Counts also credits his professional teams. He has been fortunate to genuinely enjoy the company of his colleagues, describing his work environment as “being surrounded by smart, hard-working people that want to be working together.”

Counts’ testament to the importance of positive work relationships highlights how crucial they are to enhancing not only one’s professional development, but also one’s personal development. If you are happy in the workplace, you are more likely to be successful, and Counts is an excellent example of this philosophy.

Counts says the technological side of the gaming industry is an excellent way for up-and-coming millennials to get involved in the industry, as they have been exposed to technology from an early age.

“Technology breeds innovative ideas,” he says. “There is an inherent value in this familiarity with technology.” As the younger generations enter the professional workforce, careers involving technology are becoming more popular. This trend is beneficial to the gaming industry, where iGaming is simultaneously growing in popularity.

Over the next 12 to 18 months, Counts is most looking forward to continuing his professional growth. He frequently self-evaluates his career path to ensure that he is on the right track to happiness and success.

“I have ideas, hopes and aspirations; where does it all lead?”

When asked what advice he would offer to millennials looking to start a career in the gaming industry, Counts recommends focusing on being self-aware.

“Overextending yourself without being aware of it can have a negative impact,” he says.

Counts believes it is very important to self-identify your strengths and figure out how to capitalize on them.

“Only you know your strengths and weaknesses.”

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