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Macau Clears SHFL of Infringement

Macau Clears SHFL of Infringement

Slot and table manufacturer Bally Technologies announced that on March 13, its wholly owned subsidiary, SHFL entertainment (Asia) Limited (SHFL), was notified by the Macau Public Prosecutor’s Office that there is no evidence that SHFL infringed either of the two patents that LT Game Limited Macau, LT Game Limited Hong Kong, and Paradise Entertainment alleged that it had infringed.

Following an injunction asserted by LT Game during the 2012 G2E Asia, criminal investigation proceedings were initiated by the Macau special prosecutor against SHFL over certain patents allegedly utilized in SHFL’s popular Rapid Table Games multi-game product, now called SHFL Fusion Hybrid.

SHFL had its SHFL Fusion Hybrid product covered as a result of the injunction. That investigation has now concluded with the Macau public prosecutor finding no evidence that SHFL engaged in any wrongdoing. Contrary to allegations lodged by LT Game, no court in Macau has found SHFL guilty of or liable for any patent infringement.

“We are extremely pleased with the decision of the Macau Public Prosecutor’s Office,” said Ken Jolly, executive vice president of the SHFL entertainment subsidiary. “We have consistently and vigorously defended our products against the many complaints made by LT Games and its affiliates. We were vindicated in July 2013 on a similar issue with an acquittal by the Macau First Instance Court and are confident that we will continue to be vindicated in any appeal by LT Game.”

Officials of LT parent Paradise Entertainment, meanwhile, say their case has yet to be dismissed by the courts, and therefore, the company will still try to prevent the game from being marketed in Macau. “Our injunction preventing SHFL from displaying, promoting or marketing their product in Macau still stands,” a Paradise spokeswoman told Macau Business.

SHFL Fusion Hybrid is a multi-game electronic table configuration that combines a live dealer and electronic betting terminals. The system can accommodate multiple terminals on a live baccarat game along with other live games such as roulette. All wagers are reconciled automatically.