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M Resort Installs TCSJohnHuxley Roulette

The M Resort Spa Casino in Las Vegas announced that it has added TCSJohnHuxley’s Double Action Roulette game. It is the U.S. debut for the unique roulette game.

Double Action Roulette incorporates a second complete number ring on the wheel, providing an inner and outer number ring. This second ring rotates in the opposite direction to the main ring. The Double Action table layout consists of two identical betting areas. Each area accommodates bets for one of the two sets of numbers on the wheel. When the winning number is lined up on both rings, players who have made the corresponding side bet are paid at 1,200-to-1.

Richard Fitoussi, vice president of international marketing at  the M Resort, developed and patented the game.

“We’re always looking for opportunities to offer our guests something new,” said Jody L. Lake, general manager of M Resort. “The addition of this new roulette game offers something exciting while still providing a familiar game format that is easy for players and dealers to understand.”