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Luxury Leisure Picks JCM

JCM Global and its FutureLogic printer group have entered into an agreement with Luxury Leisure to install its innovative Ticket2Go ticketing system solution at Luxury Leisure gaming venues located throughout the U.K.

Luxury Leisure is part of the Novomatic UK Group of Companies, a leading operator of luxury adult gaming centers in the U.K.

It is the first major rollout of Ticket2Go in the U.K. arcade market following the introduction of new U.K. TITO protocol standards. The Ticket2Go system allows Luxury Leisure to take advantage of the benefits associated with ticket-in/ticket-out.

“We have had the pleasure of working closely with Luxury Leisure during the installation of Ticket2Go, and we are thrilled that the product meets their expectations and look forward to our continued partnership with Luxury Leisure,” said Rob Wheeler, director of product management for FutureLogic. “With Ticket2Go, U.K.-based operators, such as Luxury Leisure, can now implement TITO within their gaming venues and enhance the player experience leading to increased customer satisfaction and retention, as well as optimize their existing operation and achieve a reduction in operating costs.”

Ticket2Go is a retrofit ticketing solution for gaming and AWP devices that do not support standard ticketing protocols, and it is the first and only system to work across all the post-2007 legacy machines in a location.

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