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Low-Cost, High Quality

PRODUCT: eSynx-16 encoderMANUFACTURER: Synectic Systems Inc.

Low-Cost, High Quality

At November’s Global Gaming Expo in Las Vegas, Synectic Systems Inc. unveiled its new eSynx-16 encoder and paddleboard, a powerful 16-channel, cost-efficient internal encoder that delivers high-quality video via H.264 compression, for casinos to record more at lower cost.

The U.K.-based company, a subsidiary of Quadnetics Group Plc, is an engineering, integration and manufacturing company with expertise in IT and networked systems.

Part of Synectics’ suite of digital recording solutions for the gaming surveillance industry, the eSynx-16 is an enhancement to Synectics’ Modular Digital Recording System (MDRS), a cost-effective, yet simple-to-use, surveillance solution for casinos.

The H.264 compression technology reduces storage requirements while recording high-quality video images at higher frame rates. Last year, Synectics was among the first in the gaming surveillance industry to announce the release of H.264 encoding, and the eSynx-16 represents another technological step forward for that product.

“Our gaming customers will quickly adopt the new eSynx-16 encoder,” says John Katnic, vice president and COO of Synectics, “because it gives them motion-picture-quality H.264 video, while reducing cost, physical footprint, heat and power consumption. It’s the classic ‘more for less’ technology improvement.”

The encoder resides on a networked server, connecting via HD68 SCSI cable to an external 1U Synectics paddleboard device installed on the back of the rack behind the server.

The paddleboard supports up to 16 analog camera inputs to communicate with the eSynx-16. Up to two of the PCIe encoders can be housed per 2U server to provide 32 channels of high-quality video recording in one box.

Because it fits into a small space, it is particularly appropriate for casino boats and other places where space and budget are limited.

When used with Synergy, Synectics’ command-and-control video management system, the low-cost, hardware-agnostic eSynx-16 encoder is ideal for surveillance applications where both analog and IP cameras must be monitored and recorded together.

The eSynx-16 is fully compatible with Synectics’ Synergy software suite, a video management application with custom third-party integrations tailored to the gaming industry.

For more information about Synectics, visit the company’s website at

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