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Law for Gaming

SERVICE: Gaming Law Practice • FIRM: Lombino Law Studio

Law for Gaming

When most gaming businesses think of legal services they tend to think of regulatory compliance assistance. Regulatory compliance is not the end-all for gaming businesses needs. A gaming company needs attorneys who understand business and gaming law—forming subsidiaries, entering contracts, buying services, selling their goods, and entering distributorships are just a few of the common endeavors faced by gaming companies.

Lombino Law Studio is uniquely situated to handle the needs of gaming businesses. Charles Lombino is a former general counsel to Aristocrat Technologies Inc. He has over 20 years of gaming business experience. Lombino Law Studio also has intellectual property experience to help protect the property of a gaming business. Lombino is the former president of the Nevada bar intellectual property section.

One example of the type of work that requires a business attorney with a gaming background is the establishment of the subsidiary, or sister company. Generally, asset protection strategies require the establishment of additional companies for certain activities. The question arises as to whether a license is required for these additional companies, or for the products of these additional companies.

Another example is distributorship agreements. Gaming companies generally enter into distributorship agreements to sell more products and to have sales in other regions where sales staff doesn’t cover. With gaming devices, there are always questions of whether a license is required to sell the product into the selected market. There are also usually questions as to whether the product constitutes a gaming device.

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