Lasting Connections

Product: InfoGenesis and rGuest, Manufacturer: Agilysys, Inc.

Even when you’re serving hundreds or thousands of guests at a time, you succeed in gaming hospitality because you know the value of a single connection. You’re more than a gaming operation. You’re a restaurant, an entertainment venue, a hotel, and perhaps a full-service family vacation destination.

For you, success isn’t about playing the odds. It’s about making the most of every revenue source. Agilysys addresses this need with next-generation PMS and POS technology solutions that help deliver unsurpassed guest service, regardless of the venue, to drive lasting connections and financial success.

Begin the guest connection with rGuest Seat, a guest-centric table, reservation and wait list management solution that helps restaurants increase revenue by retaining repeat customers and providing a superior guest experience. Operators can get more guests in the door with online reservations, manage customer expectations about wait times, and run table management from anywhere in the venue using mobile tablets.

The system eliminates the distance between servers and guests with

InfoGenesis Flex, an intuitive, full-featured mobile POS that looks and functions like a terminal, delivered through tablet devices. Operators can keep revenue flowing and create more meaningful guest experiences even in the most remote or expansive areas of a property. Using InfoGenesis Flex, servers send orders to the bar or kitchen more quickly, so they can spend more time with guests building connections.

Operators can leverage the guest information and operating data acquired across these interactions to gain critical business insight. To build a stronger business, you need better information. rGuest Analyze keeps you on top of the business, so the operator can stay ahead of problems and make more informed decisions. rGuest Analyze is a reporting and analytics solution that leverages the data within Agilysys products to help gain critical operational insights. Using information about guests, item sales, tenders, check sales and discounts, it delivers at-a-glance charts and graphs, as well as detailed reports, in customized management dashboards.

Insight Mobile Manager provides property managers with the freedom to move around while keeping tabs on key information from a tablet or mobile device.

Agilysys InfoGenesis and rGuest solutions for gaming enable the powerful property and guest data needed to build lasting connections that drive loyalty, increase wallet share and ensure repeat visits.

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