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Kiosk Power

Product: PEK, PEK PlusManufacturer: Automated Currency Instruments, Inc.

Kiosk Power

Product: PEK, PEK Plus
Manufacturer: Automated Currency Instruments, Inc.

Technology related to kiosks placed around casino floors has ramped up substantially over the past several years, as ticket-in/ticket-out redemption has joined the traditional ATM and cash-advance functions in player-convenience terminals.

Neal Jacobs, CEO of Pennsylvania-based Automated Currency Instruments, Inc., got into the currency-handling business around 2002, with an eye toward capitalizing on the growing need for convenience kiosks on the casino floor. According to Jacobs, he and his partners went to casinos around the country specifically to see where long lines still formed-lines which could potentially be eliminated with a simple kiosk.

The lines that jumped out at them were not at the cashier’s booth-they were at the player’s club. Crowding at player’s club desks, mostly arising from players forgetting or losing their cards, was ripe for a solution. ACI soon launched the PEK, or Player Enrollment Kiosk.

PEK provides player’s club members with standard ID the opportunity to print a replacement player’s club card in seconds. It also allows players to enroll in the player’s club, check or redeem points, enter sweepstakes events and do other club functions without waiting in line.

In April, ACI will launch the next version of the terminal. Called PEK Plus, the new kiosk will offer all standard cash-access, TITO and marketing functions as well as the player’s club functions. TITO ticket redemption, ATM processing, credit-card cash advance and wager account processing will join player’s club card, sweepstakes and promotion functions on the new kiosk, which also includes a link to a comprehensive reporting and accounting system provided by ACI.

For more information on PEK and PEK Plus, contact ACI at 1800-ACI-TITO or visit the company’s website at

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