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King Kong

Spielo International

King Kong

With this game, Spielo brings its King Kong licensed theme, recalling Peter Jackson’s high-tech-effects 2003 remake of the classic 1933 King Kong film, to its high-denomination stepper product, Passion Slots.

The base game is a classic three-reel, five-line dollar stepper, with a small video LCD forming a fourth reel for bonuses on the three-reel results (only at max-bet). The Passion Slots format features a large vertical screen over the three reels. The game includes three progressive jackpot levels, all hit through line combinations.

The King Kong logo is wild in normal base-game play, but three King Kong logo symbols on any payline trigger the top “blue” progressive jackpot, which resets at $10,000. Three dinosaur scatter symbols trigger the “red” progressive, resetting at $500; two dinosaur scatter symbols trigger the “green” progressive, resetting at $60.

The game has three video bonus events, all interconnected and all played out on the vertical top screen.

The first bonus is called “Ancient Ruins.” King Kong symbols landing on the fourth bonus reel cause the beast on the screen, depicted behind a pyramid, to roar as one of 15 Ancient Ruins blocks forming the pyramid crumbles away to reveal a credit award. As more symbols land and more blocks crumble away, the awards become higher as the player moves up the pyramid. The blocks are gold-colored except for one green block in each of the top three rows under the top block, which is blue. Gold blocks pay 25 to 150 credits; green blocks 50 to 245 credits; the top blue block, 250 to 2,500 credits,

The green and blue blocks also reveal the other two bonus events. Crumbling a green block leads to the Shield Chamber bonus. The screen switches to a 3D scene of a chamber inside the pyramid for a two-tiered pick-a-prize bonus. The shields reveal credit awards from 50 to 200, but one shield reveals the King Kong Bonus.

The King Kong Bonus, triggered either by crumbling the top blue block or through the Shield event, is a pick-a-prize bonus that prompts the player to select a King Kong symbol to reveal an award between 75 and 2,500 credits.

Manufacturer: Spielo International
Platform: Passion Slots
Format: Three-reel, five-line stepper slot
Denomination: 1.00
Max Bet: 5
Top Award: Progressive; $10,000 reset
Hit Frequency: Approximately 35%
Theoretical Hold: 6%

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