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Key to Security

PRODUCT: KeyWatcher Touch • MANUFACTURER: Morse Watchmans

Key to Security

Morse Wathmans has designed a product to solve the problem of lost facility keys in the KeyWatcher Touch electronic key control system. KeyWatcher Touch is a modular, scalable and customizable system to manage and store secure assets such as access cards, wallets, cellphones, and even laptops and cash trays safely and efficiently.

Operators can use KeyWatcher Touch to include all authorized users, assign specific keys to specific people, and add or remove users with ease when needed. All key removal and key return transactions are recorded. Automatic email transactional information and reports for any user are accessible at any time.

When a key is overdue being returned, the KeyWatcher Touch sends an alert and reports which user has that specific key. The KeyFind feature locates which KeyWatcher Touch cabinet contains a specific key and determines who has it out. In addition, the KeyAnywhere feature enables the user to return a key to any KeyWatcher Touch cabinet located in the facility.

Every KeyWatcher Touch comes with a patented SmartKey system to make all key control features and technology possible. When a SmartKey is inserted into the KeyWatcher Touch, an ID microchip in the SmartKey records transactional activity with user information through a SmartKey Reader. SmartKeys come in many colors for easier identification and can also be attached to tamper-proof KeyRings to keep groups of keys organized.

KeyWatcher Touch systems can be integrated with other access control systems for greater security. For instance, if a key is not returned by a certain user, that person will not be granted egress to other areas of the facility or outside the building until the key is returned.

The KeyWatcher Touch comes with a bright 7-inch touchscreen to make removing and returning keys easy. The industrial-grade steel cabinets come treated with antimicrobial powder coating for health and safety.

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