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Keeping Pace

Neil Erlick, Executive Vice President of Business Development, Paysafe

Keeping Pace

Neil Erlick has been an essential member of the senior management team at Paysafe Group Plc. for over 15 years. He was one of the original team members who helped grow the company from a startup to a multibillion-dollar, LSE 250-listed company.

Since 2013, Erlick has been responsible for the strategic development and marketing of online payment solutions for large-scale merchants, and for helping to drive revenue across all verticals for Paysafe Group by working with businesses where fast, smart and secure payment capabilities are key. He has implemented online gateway services, merchant accounts, mobile and alternative payments and risk management services through comprehensive solutions. Responsible for the company’s North American gaming enterprises, Erlick continues to seek new strategic partnerships.

Through his many years in gaming, Erlick has used his leadership and guidance to help Paysafe position itself as a leader in payment processing for the industry. In addition, Erlick was elected to the board of the Fantasy Sports Trade Association (FSTA), becoming the first-ever payments professional elected.

His success has not come easily, especially in an industry that relies so heavily on experience.

Erlick cites “hard work and determination” as key components to overcoming his lack of experience early on in his career. An important and often-overlooked aspect to success is common sense, and he notes that “treating others with respect and using common sense” helped pave his path to senior management. To date, this sentiment has served him well, as he is currently the executive vice president, business development, a title he has held for many years.

Not everything has been easy up to this point. Outside of the lack of experience, Erlick pinpointed the gaming industry’s fast pacing as both a challenge to overcome and an exciting aspect of it. Especially in the payment processing industry where there is never a dull moment, everything happens and moves in real time, so keeping an eye on the ball is critical.

Being in payment processing, Erlick is fully immersed in recent gaming expansions around the world, namely the growth of online gaming in the U.S., social gaming and the emergence of eSports. Under his leadership, Paysafe signed an exclusive sponsorship deal with the World Series of Poker, payment processing deals with state lotteries and regulated iGaming operators in the U.S., provincially run operators in Canada and other regulated operators around the world.

All of these have seen tremendous growth over the last few years, and as technology continues to evolve, and online, mobile and land-based services converge, the opportunities are endless. Says Erlick, “It’s a truly exciting time to be part of the industry.”

Moving forward, Erlick hopes to drive and share in the continued growth of Paysafe with its endless opportunities in the dynamic and fast-paced gaming industry that he so enjoys.

Erlick’s parting advice for young professionals looking to move up the corporate ladder: “There are no shortcuts. Work hard, stay focused and be respectful of others. Moving up the corporate ladder takes time, but great leaders will be recognized by being themselves.”