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Keep It Going

The gaming industry’s hot streak is being threatened by illegal gambling, sports betting glitches and policymakers on Capitol Hill

Keep It Going

Our industry is on a hot streak as we enter 2023. We’ve delivered two straight years of record revenue, seen the continued expansion of legal gaming nationwide, and been encouraged by the return of meetings and international travel. That said, there is considerable concern relating to the global and national economy that will continue to challenge our industry’s resilience.

As we look to the year ahead, I want to share how the AGA will advance core priorities in 2023 that will sustain our industry’s momentum and deliver opportunity for our members.

Combating Illegal Gambling

The illegal gambling market, in the form of unregulated gambling machines, bookies and offshore websites, is an existential threat to the legal gaming industry. According to new AGA research, the entirety of Americans’ illegal gambling activity costs legal operators an estimated $44.2 billion per year. The AGA will continue our coordinated advocacy campaign to educate the public on how illegal gambling harms consumers and communities, while taking the fight to illegal operators by working with policymakers, law enforcement and regulators to crack down on these bad actors. Visit to join our efforts.

Getting Sports Betting Right

This year marks five years since the Supreme Court invalidated the Professional and Amateur Sports Protection Act (PASPA). Today, 36 states and Washington, D.C. have legalized sports betting, finally giving millions of Americans the protections of regulated wagering options.

This expanded footprint also brings heightened scrutiny. To be frank, I welcome it. The legal industry is committed to creating and maintaining a responsible, sustainable market—and when we do have missteps, we course correct (which can’t be said for illegal operators).

As we celebrate five years post-PASPA, the AGA will deliver insights, bolster communications and dispel false narratives on the value of legal sports betting for consumers and communities.

Fostering a Favorable Policy Environment

For more than 25 years, the AGA has promoted and protected gaming’s reputation on Capitol Hill. This will continue as we welcome 70 new members of Congress from gaming states in the 118th Congress. The AGA will push core issues like raising the slot tax threshold and eliminating the sports betting excise tax to strengthen gaming’s ability to compete. We will also continue to elevate our leadership on financial compliance and ensure our industry’s voice is heard as the federal government crafts regulation.

Policymakers that support gaming are also vital to achieving our priorities at the state level. As the industry pushes for legalization, payments modernization and an efficient regulatory environment, the AGA will continue to educate key stakeholders on gaming’s positive impact in communities, the protections of legal marketplaces, and the importance of flexible regulation in a thriving gaming industry.

Advancing Responsibility

Our industry’s commitment to our customers, communities and employees starts with responsibility. The AGA will continue to tell this story in 2023 while deepening gaming’s commitments to responsible leadership.

We know that responsible gaming must continue to evolve with the industry. There’s certainly been good progress, but there’s always more we can do. Over next year, the AGA will meet with a wide range of stakeholders on how to modernize responsible gaming for today’s market by using technology to empower and protect customers and deepening stakeholder collaboration to advance a sustainable marketplace.

We will expand our efforts to strengthen the industry’s already extensive environmental, social and governance (ESG) efforts by publishing research, convening AGA membership, and leading the industry forward on priorities like diversity, equity and inclusion and anti-human trafficking.

Bringing Gaming Together

Looking at the year ahead, there are significant factors beyond our control, but I remain confident in our collective strength which is always on display when the industry comes together. We all feel this every October when the industry gathers in Las Vegas for four days of G2E innovation, networking and education. Our team is already focused on creating new and exciting opportunities for G2E 2023 that deliver value and experiences that can’t be found anywhere else.

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