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JCM Launches Paycheck 4 Printer

JCM Launches Paycheck 4 Printer

JCM Global has unveiled its new PayCheck 4 thermal printer, dubbed “the better, faster, stronger printer for the casino gaming industry.” According to the company, PayCheck 4 is the fastest printer in the industry.

Designed for traditional casino slot gaming, VLT devices and Class II devices, PayCheck 4 prints a complete ticket in just 0.6 seconds, compared to up to two seconds by other printers. Because of the speed, there is no need for it to rely on ticket “bursting” like other printers do.

PayCheck 4 prints at 250mm (9.8 inches) per second in text mode with 500 dots per line, or 203 dots per inch. That means the printer completely prints a ticket faster than a player can reach for it.

“Indisputable facts clearly show that PayCheck 4 is simply the fastest printer on the market,” said Mark Henderson, VP global sales of JCM Global. “In a horse race with all other casino gaming printers, it’s not even close—PayCheck 4 leaves everyone else at the starting gate.”

PayCheck 4 is available now for most global jurisdictions. For information, operators should call their JCM account representative or visit


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