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As the gaming industry turns increased attention to sports betting, JCM Global is ready to support operators with a wide range of products that will help them create the perfect sports book setting and deepen connections with customers.

At G2E 2018, JCM Global plans to bring the sports book prospect to fruition and demonstrate various ways for today’s operators to optimize this unique opportunity. It begins by connecting to JCMedia and its new world of possibilities. From PixelPro displays that can be built to essentially any size and shape, to the entirely immersive visual fidelity of 4K Ultra HD and beyond, JCMedia has the display and content solutions needed to deliver patrons the ultimate sports book experience.

For example, JCMedia’s PixelPro Max displays have HD and UHD frameless LED screens with industry-leading color contrasts to allow spectacular images and video on a curved or flat wall, indoors and outdoors. The result is the ultimate in flexibility to unleash creativity in the sports book and anywhere and everywhere across the entire property.

Keeping transactions secure and convenient is the heart of every casino, and JCM has a line of award-winning solutions. Leading the way is the iVIZION bill validator. Field-proven worldwide with more than 250,000 units shipped to date, its CIS technology scans the entire note or ticket, reading more than 9.5 million data points on every note—more than twice that of the nearest competitor.

iVIZION’s partner is the GEN5 thermal printer. With its faster CPU and faster print speed, it has the flexibility to print TITO and promotional tickets, plus various wager tickets and templated promo coupons.

When paired with iVIZION and GEN5, JCM’s cutting-edge FUZION technology creates the possibility for each slot machine to become a multi-line profit center with the current potential to vend and redeem race and sports betting and lottery tickets, facilitate daily fantasy sports wagering (the casino’s own or a third party’s), conduct cross-enterprise promotional couponing for carded and uncarded players, enable real-time currency exchange with pre-set or real-time exchange rates, and streamline tax forms processes by printing system-generated tax forms, delivering required documentation to the customer while the back-end system stores the signature forms and data to be delivered to the IRS.

Visit JCM at G2E 2018 and discover why operators worldwide trust their customer connections to JCM.

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