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JCM Global Acquires 49 Percent of Nanoptix

JCM Global Acquires 49 Percent of Nanoptix

JCM Global, the leading automatic transactions solutions provider to the gaming industry, has completed its acquisition of 49 percent of Nanoptix Inc. common stock.

The acquisition is the next step in a relationship that began last year, when JCM began selling the Nanoptix PayCheck 4 thermal printer.

“Our initial investment has proven to be a successful and profitable one, and we are very pleased to invest in the future with this acquisition,” said JCM Global President Aki Isoi. “We have a clearly defined roadmap for development that will exploit our network of technology relationships, and we expect to announce several new application projects that will build on the iVIZION platform and will further position PayCheck 4 for success.”

Nanoptix President Daniel Vienneau said, “We have found a tremendous partner in JCM Global. When two technology companies share a vision to dramatically improve the gaming industry, incredible things happen, and that has been the case with our partnership with JCM.”

Since JCM’s initial investment last year, the PayCheck 4 Thermal Printer has been re-branded, marketed and sold as a JCM product, and in the few months since, the product is on track to earn more than a 40 percent ship share to new casino openings in 2012. The pairing of JCM’s iVIZION bill validator and the PayCheck 4 printer has been a hit, resulting in numerous contracts since JCM and Nanoptix joined forces.

The PayCheck 4 has also been integrated into Leap Forward Gaming’s award-winning SaffariNet ecosystem, a project in which JCM is also a technology partner.

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