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Jackpots to Go

Product: Jackpot Controller Manufacturer: Gaming Support

Jackpots to Go

Gaming Support’s Jackpot Controller allows casinos to generate various types of jackpots to make the slot floor more attractive for players while keeping it easy for the operator.

With no server requirements, its truly modular architecture gives operators access to multiple jackpots in the same network on selectable slots, and allows them to conveniently configure a single jackpot to an almost limitless combination.

Designed to be easy accessible, the intuitive design of the app hardly needs explanation, and the operator will have full control at all times, remotely managing jackpots, updating settings, emphasizing jackpot values and triggering special effects—all from the comfort of an iPad.

Using mystery or progressive jackpots in a mixed operation, a gaming machine can be assigned up to 32 jackpots and still only require a single slot interface board. The product features options including multi-game, multi-denomination and various scheduling options, to satisfy operator expectations in a cost-effective manner.

Key benefits:

• Multi-denomination option
• Multi-game option
• Multiple jackpots in same network on selectable slots without server
• Single iPad user control for all jackpots in the system
• Modular architecture almost limitlessly expandable
• Up to 32 jackpots assignable to a single slot machine using only one    slot interface board
• Mystery and progressive mixed operation
• Max number of hits feature
• Start and end date/time selectable
• SAS: EFT/AFT/legacy bonus support for payment directly on slot machine
(Note: for Multi Denom/Game SAS Game ID is required.)

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