Jackpot Inferno


This new multiple-progressive video slot, on the oversized marquee-style Core HDX cabinet, employs a unique feature that instantly bumps a player up to a higher level of progressive through a unique picking bonus.

The base game is a five-reel, 50-line game on a four-by-five reel setup. Progressives are won by landing from five to 12 Jackpot Inferno symbols scattered on the 20-symbol field. Five symbols return a jackpot resetting at $10, and the jackpots rise incrementally higher, with the top three resetting at $800 for 10 symbols, $2,000 for 11 symbols and $5,000 for 12 symbols.

The unique part is called the “Jackpot Jump.” When at least five Jackpot Inferno symbols land on the screen, the display shows 20 game-themed symbols. The player is given three picks to reveal credit prizes ranging from 10 times the total bet to 200 times the total bet, two additional picks, or a Jackpot Inferno symbol. This causes the progressive award to jump one tier higher.

There also is a free-spin bonus, triggered when three, four or five bonus symbols land scattered on the reels. Each triggering combination awards free spins plus an initial bonus award: Three bonus symbols award two times the total bet and six free spins. Four symbols award five times the bet and 10 free spins; five bonus symbols return 10 times the bet and 20 free spins.

Manufacturer: Everi Holdings
Platform: Core HDX
Format: Five-reel, 50-line video slot
Denomination: .01, .02, .05
Max Bet: 250
Top Award: Progressive; $5,000 reset
Hit Frequency: Approximately 50%
Theoretical Hold: 2%-15%