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Jackpot Empire

Bally Technologies

Jackpot Empire

This game merges the popular “Quick Hit” progressive jackpot feature with a complete lineup of random-wild-symbol and free-spin bonus events, all wrapped up in an Art Deco theme that looks very 1920s, with a logo and title that play on the name of that popular TV series based on 1920s Atlantic City (without mentioning any names).

The base game is a five-reel, 30-line video slot in the Alpha 2 series, with a maximum per-spin bet of 1,000 credits. The game is designed for low denominations, although it is available in all denominations.

As with other games in Bally’s Quick Hit franchise, the player wins one of five levels of progressive jackpot simply by lining up the appropriate number of scattered Quick Hit symbols in the reel window—from five symbols triggering a jackpot resetting at $25 to nine symbols triggering the top prize, resetting at $5,000.

There also is a special bonus feature that can more readily trigger a progressive. When three “Quick Hit Gold” symbols land on the middle reel, all reels with those symbols or regular Quick Hit symbols lock in place, and all other reels re-spin—to land on either blanks or Quick Hit symbols, with no other symbols.

The game’s other feature selects one of four free-spin events, each with its own special wild feature. When the free-spin event is triggered with bonus symbols on the middle reels, the screen displays a grid of 16 tiles. The player selects tiles until they match three symbols representing one of the four free-spin Scenarios:

“Locking Wild Free Games” awards 10 free games, with wild symbols locking into position and remaining until the end of the feature. “Wild Sweep Free Games” awards six free games with “Wild Sweeping” reels—two wild reels, moving from left to right across the screen. “Random Wild Reels” awards five free games with one, two or three reels randomly awarded as wild reels. “Rising X Free Games” awards 10 free games with an initial 1X multiplier. With each “Rising X” symbol landing on the reels, the multiplier rises, up to a total of 10X.

Manufacturer: Bally Technologies
Platform: Alpha 2
Format: Five-reel, 30-line video slot
Denomination: .01—500.00
Max Bet: 1,000
Top Award: 4,000 times max bet
Hit Frequency: 47.36%
Theoretical Hold: 4.14%—14.53%

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