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Jackpot Blitz

Jackpot Digital • Booth 3843

Jackpot Blitz

Jackpot Digital has launched what it calls the future of electronic table games, Jackpot Blitz—the ultimate dealer-less poker and table game platform.

Jackpot Blitz is a state-of-the-art electronic table game system that offers an exceptional player experience and unrivaled operator efficiency, flexibility, and profitability. Jackpot Blitz will upgrade a table game operation to maximize profits.

Casinos are looking to decrease HR headaches and operational costs, while increasing revenue and attracting new audiences. Jackpot Blitz allows casinos to achieve all of the above through automation, state-of-the-art technology, and unique entertainment options.

Jackpot Digital’s proprietary next-generation gaming platform, Jackpot Blitz is essentially a digital “smart table” which brings the social benefits of multi-player casino games, such as poker, blackjack and baccarat, into the digital era.

The system also allows the player to simultaneously play favorite house-banked games during or in between poker hands.

The system features an 84-inch 4K ultra-sensitive and durable touchscreen playiny surface that responds to hand gesture to replicate card-bending and real casino play, and multiple payment options. Jackpot Blizt integrates with most casino management systems.

The product is available as a fully automated table with 10 player seats. Isolated servers prevent any security threats and allow easy game updates. The system generates real-time financial and game play statistics.

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