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J Carcamo & Associates

Prepared for the Challenge

J Carcamo & Associates

J Carcamo & Associates is a marketing consulting firm comprised of experienced marketing and branding professionals, with decades of executive-level operational experience at some of the world’s top casino companies.

The practice leaders of key firms supporting the casino industry for more than 40 years, JCA professionals offer extensive consulting experience. They provide complete project management with both strategic and tactical support, and partner with clients to build and position their brands, helping them reach potential customers during their “I want to know” and “I want to go” moments.

Two main principles guide the JCA team: First, brand development is not a job, it’s a passion. Second, it’s crucial to mentor and teach marketers to be the best.

At JCA, team professionals believe a brand is a life with a heart that beats energy throughout the organization. Nurturing this life requires thinking beyond the logo to each limb, nerve and sense. JCA professionals understand that a brand is more than the colors and strokes of a pen that create a logo. They work with client teams to understand their vision and their customers (or targets) to develop the tools needed to bring a brand to life.

There may come a time when even the most successful brand may need a jumpstart. Like life, it may be minor cosmetic surgery, a bit of physical therapy or major surgery. JCA professionals can help rebuild and rejuvenate a brand to be the life of the party once again.

Creative services also are a specialty, but unlike most traditional agencies, the JCA Collaborative has been formed to build a partnership with trusted, vetted specialists so a client has the best of the best—without the highest costs.

JCA is incredibly proud of its Casino Marketing Boot Camp, which brings the kind of specific training needed in casino marketing. Along with the signature in-person event, Boot Camp also offers virtual, small-group and custom-tailored training for a client’s market demands to help create many of the most vital marketers around.

JCA is prepared for the challenge to help clients change their view of marketing in order to build an identity that resonates with consumers and produces real ROI.

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