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JCM Global’s patented Fuzion technology is a breakthrough innovation that enables an endless variety of opportunities throughout the entire casino. At this year’s G2E, JCM will showcase a mobile transaction technology solution within Fuzion called iTITO, or Intelligent TITO.

iTITO allows operators to expand existing cash and TITO transaction methods that players already enjoy, by enabling mobile iTITO transactions. With iTITO, players can use their mobile phones to complete their buy-in and cash-out transactions at the EGM and redemption kiosks throughout a property.

iTITO increases revenue opportunities by allowing the next generation of player a safe and secure “mobile wallet” experience with the proven security of their existing electronic TITO system. Once operators integrate the Fuzion system, they can add the JCM Mobile I/O NFC device into any EGM or kiosk. Using this NFC technology, the player’s mobile phone allows them to begin their gaming experience by securely initiating iTITO transactions.

Players can merge existing paper TITO tickets into the iTITO system simply by taking a photo of the ticket with their mobile phone. Players can use Mobile I/O to buy in or cash out with the iTITO system at an EGM, or through Mobile I/O interaction with a redemption kiosk. iTITO tickets are then electronically linked to the player’s account and can only be accessed from the mobile devices associated with their account.

When the player is ready to complete the gaming experience, iTITO can be used at the kiosk to redeem the iTITO tickets for cash, or to deposit the funds back into the player’s preferred account.

Players are connected to their mobile phones. iTITO allows casinos to increase their connection with those players in a meaningful way, through a device that players are comfortable with. iTITO fulfills operators’ desire to keep both cash and TITO in play, while at the same time expanding transaction methods, giving players even more payment options. iTITO, Mobile I/O, and Fuzion combine the power of innovation with existing technology.

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