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Product: Cloud ServicesManufacturer: NEWave

Watching what happens when a jackpot hits, the casual observer might get the impression that the slot floor manager, the slot floor lead and slot attendant are in the tax collection business, not in the gaming/hospitality business. That’s because a typical jackpot requires all of these personnel to stop their casino jobs and turn them into tax collectors, gathering information and submitting documentation.

NEWave’s new myCloudServices takes the documentation process from front-line employees. In the example above, with NEWave’s myCloudServices, the process could be reduced to simply scanning the winner’s IDs. NEWave’s software collects the jackpot information, the ID scans, and puts it all in the internet cloud, where NEWave pulls it down, compiles the information and submits all of the necessary tax forms. The cloud is encrypted and password-protected, so all information is secure and stored independently, away from the casino’s servers.

There are four additional elements of NEWave’s myCloudServices: Check Prove, Easy Marketing, ID Manager and Document Manager.

Check Prove is a new check-cashing database that is accessible in the Cloud. Using NEWave’s software, the cage can quickly pull from the Cloud images of similar valid checks, the patron’s ID, past check-cashing history and data from a pool of other subscribers. All of these elements greatly increase the casino’s security and fraud protection, and they are all instantly accessible. They can then submit the image of the check for depositing into their bank account without driving to the bank.

With Easy Marketing, patron data is uploaded to the Cloud and stored on NEWave’s secure servers. NEWave then analyzes the encrypted data and generates marketing campaigns specifically tailored for the customer’s audiences. “Customerscan” follows the tracking easily on the Cloud.

ID Manager is a quick way to verify IDs for age, expiration, banned data and state-issued data. With special scanners, casinos can also validate the authentication of the ID. The data is easily accessible in the Cloud, and is constantly updated.

Document Manager is a simple way to electronically store all of the documents a casino needs to keep on file. Keeping them in Cloud Services ensures they are encrypted and secure, stored off-site and password-accessible any time.

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