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International Presence

G2E is the largest trade show in the gaming industry because it attracts exhibitors and attendees from around the world

International Presence

The “Global” in Global Gaming Expo (G2E) becomes apparent when you view the list of exhibitors who are traveling thousands of miles and spending millions of dollars to show their wares at the world’s largest gaming trade show. They wouldn’t spend their time and money on something that didn’t offer a return on investment, but G2E has proven over and over again that it’s worth it.

Progressive Products Preview talked to a selection of the hundreds of international companies that will arrive in Las Vegas for G2E, October 9-12 at the Venetian Convention and Expo Center.

Continuing Valuable Links

Kambi will have a large team on hand at the forthcoming G2E demonstrating why top-tier operators including Bally’s, betParx and Rush Street Interactive continue to unlock their sports betting ambitions via its high-performance technologies.

David Bretnitz, Senior Sales Director, Kambi

David Bretnitz, Senior Sales Director, Kambi

David Bretnitz serves as the senior sales director for Kambi, and he says the London-headquartered innovator is to be at Booth 2230 at G2E, so as to continue “fostering meaningful connections with operators and regulators” while simultaneously reconnecting face-to-face with existing partners.

“G2E is consistently one of the highlights of the industry calendar, bringing together stakeholders from across the full spectrum of the global gaming sector for what can be relied upon to be a hugely valuable week of networking and conversation around the latest industry developments and product innovations,” Bretnitz says.

“There is a great deal of commercial value in exhibiting at G2E as the show provides us with a platform to underline the benefits of our proven sports betting technology to potential partners. This year our stand will showcase the full breadth of our online and retail solutions including our artificial intelligence-driven algorithmic trading capabilities. Furthermore, our relationships with regulators have been crucial to the progress we have made throughout the Americas including recently delivering day-one launches in Ohio, Maryland and Massachusetts, and G2E represents an ideal forum for sharing best practice.”

Converging Leaders at the Pinnacle of Gaming

In the vast and dynamic world of gaming, Playtech says G2E stands out as the quintessential nexus for industry stakeholders. Given this prominence, the company firmly believes that exhibiting at the annual event is a necessity for any entity aspiring to solidify its presence, gain insights and drive growth in the gaming industry.

Playtech will be on Booth 4023 at G2E to present its latest innovations, products and services while simultaneously endeavoring to observe and understand what its competitors are unveiling. It says the Las Vegas extravaganza will also allow it to receive direct feedback so as to refine its offerings in line with industry needs and expectations.

Jonathan Doubilet, US Business Operations Vice President, Playtech

Jonathan Doubilet, US Business Operations Vice President, Playtech

Jonathan Doubilet, the United States business operations vice president for Playtech, says that the caliber of attendees is one of the “pivotal reasons” to exhibit at G2E as the event regularly “attracts the who’s who of the gaming world,” including top-tier casino operators, influential regulatory bodies, software moguls and emerging tech startups.

“By exhibiting, you place yourself directly in their line of sight, opening doors for collaborations, partnerships and future business opportunities,” Doubilet says. “The old adage ‘It’s not just what you know, but who you know’ rings especially true in the gaming industry, and G2E provides a fertile ground for networking and allowing exhibitors to foster new relationships and strengthen existing ones. The spontaneous conversations at your stand, the formal meetings or even the casual interactions at G2E-associated events can sow the seeds for future ventures. Through networking, one can gain insights into emerging trends, industry challenges and potential solutions, enriching one’s own understanding and perspective.”

Playtech believes that G2E moreover serves as a “reservoir of knowledge” via an extensive catalog of panel discussions, seminars and keynote speeches delivering “valuable insights into the industry’s future direction.” Doubilet says such events additionally provide exhibitors with “invaluable information for aligning strategies with industry trajectories” while simultaneously being “the ideal platform to amplify brand visibility” courtesy of media, industry analysts and diverse audiences from around the globe.

“In an era where responsible gaming is gaining prominence, G2E embodies the industry’s commitment to this cause,” says Charmaine Hogan, the head of regulatory affairs for Playtech.

“For Playtech, our participation transcends the realms of mere innovation and growth; it’s a poignant testament to our resolute commitment to championing responsible gaming practices. Our stand becomes a stage where our comprehensive array of product verticals, responsible gaming tools, research insights, strategic approaches and innovative game offerings converge to establish a secure and gratifying gaming environment for players.”

Bringing Cutting-Edge Innovations to Las Vegas

One of the most prominent names in an increasingly crowded field, BetConstruct will be showcasing its ever-growing range of innovative iGaming solutions alongside an unstoppable commitment to excellence at the upcoming G2E in Las Vegas.

Headquartered in the Isle of Man, the company will reveal its latest strategies on Booth 5230 at G2E to show off its new Resonance Fastex family alongside the comprehensive social platform innovation. The firm described the former as “a powerful ecosystem with a wide range of both centralized and decentralized products” while asserting that the latter helps operators to increase business retention and player engagement rates by “making games more exciting even when aficionados are far away from a physical casino.”

Jasmin Hakobyan, Head of Regional Business Development, BetConstruct

Jasmin Hakobyan, Head of Regional Business Development, BetConstruct

Jasmin Hakobyan, head of regional business development for BetConstruct, describes G2E as “the place to be” for anyone who shares a love for gaming with its environment, additionally helping to foster iGaming innovation as well as meaningful connections between businesses, visitors and exhibitors.

“BetConstruct’s social platform is fully customizable, giving operators complete control over content, promotions, bonuses and loyalty,” Hakobyan says. “With built-in systems and customizable tools, this platform has everything partners need to provide an exciting gaming journey to their players.”

Hakobyan goes on to praise G2E as “one of the biggest events in the ever-changing iGaming industry,” providing an “inclusive experience for industry leaders to meet, talk and share ideas under one roof” with attendees additionally benefitting from “a glimpse into the future” alongside a plethora of education and business engagement opportunities.

“In a world defined by digital evolution and dynamic connections, BetConstruct firmly believes in constant improvement and networking,” Hakobyan says. “Our participation at G2E in Las Vegas is not just for show; it’s a clear indicator of the company’s vision and a testament to its dedication to leading the way. Everyone interested in the latest industry updates and fostering lasting relationships is welcome to join us at G2E.”

Returning for Anticipated Success

After its successful G2E debut last year, Evolution Group will be returning to the Venetian Convention and Expo Center at Booth 4430 to showcase a product portfolio encompassing a large selection of in-house games from its Evolution, NetEnt, Red Tiger, Ezugi, Big Time Gaming, Nolimit City and DigiWheel brands.

Evolution Group is well-established in the North American market with live-casino studios in the states of New Jersey, Michigan, Connecticut and Pennsylvania. The Sweden-based firm’s games are also available to players in West Virginia and the majority of Canadian provinces, while it intends to utilize its 4,500-square-foot G2E booth to introduce local aficionados to its already popular Crazy Time Live Game Show advance.

Jacob Claesson, the North American chief executive officer for Evolution Group, says that his company is committed to using “the power of the cross-fertilization of seven brands with distinct voices” to create new and innovative games alongside “outstanding player experiences.” He goes on to reveal that the firm moreover has an ambition to be live in every American state from the first day of opening “as the industry matures further.”

“Headlining at G2E 2023, the global mega-hit Crazy Time Live is launching in the United States market this year,” Claesson says. “Crazy Time Live is a multi-layered, bonus and multiplier-packed game show that redefines live casino by boldly incorporating five games in one. The unique mix of live casino, random number generator, slots-style multipliers, blue screen and augmented reality technology provides something completely new for the United States market.”

Claesson describes the quartet of the NetEnt, Red Tiger, Big Time Gaming and Nolimit City brands as “innovators of industry-changing mechanics that have revolutionized video slots” using “cutting-edge technological advances” to expand possibilities.

“DigiWheel will also be on our G2E stand,” Claesson says. “DigiWheel manufactures the world’s only digital money wheel—a giant high-definition rotating screen that runs thousands of games including our renowned Crazy Time and Dream Catcher. It allows for projecting customized content in the middle of the rotating screen, which enables operators to inform players about the latest promotions and cross-sell various additional casino games.”

Finally, Evolution Group says its sister Ezugi live casino brand will complement its upcoming G2E lineup by showcasing its own localized product portfolio.

The Power of G2E

With an almost 42-year record of testing a vast array of gambling software and hardware, BMM Testlabs will be on Booth 4408 demonstrating why it is already the partner of choice for a wide range of global gaming suppliers, manufacturers, operators and regulators.

Martin Storm, President and Chief Executive Officer, BMM Testlabs

Martin Storm, President and Chief Executive Officer, BMM Testlabs

BMM Testlabs President and Chief Executive Officer Martin Storm says his company’s entire leadership team is set to join him in Las Vegas over the course of the three-day exhibition to help show off their large collection of industry-leading engineering and management capabilities, specialist domain expertise and professional testing and project methodologies.

“BMM Testlabs has continually invested significantly in our G2E show stand as well as in travel, accommodation, internal and customer business events, entertainment and more,” Storm says. “This major investment over 20 years has been the springboard for our growth from a small domestic lab in Australia into a global gaming lab powerhouse that today services more than 1,000 customers across 16 countries.”

Storm describes G2E as “the premier destination and industry celebration” for those involved in the fast-growing North American gaming market, and he is now looking forward to once again showcasing how the quality of his firm’s products and services can help to protect the industry and its players.

“The real value of G2E has been in the culture we have built and the relationships we have developed with wonderful people in our own ranks as well as within the wider gaming industry,” Storm says. “Care is the first value at BMM Testlabs because we think there is nothing more heroic. Care for staff, for customers, for regulators and for every industry stakeholder. G2E has been a foundation stone where we can show that care for staff and customers and participate productively and supportively in the gaming ecosystem both in North America and worldwide.”

With ancillary offices in Australia, Canada, South America, Europe and Asia, Las Vegas-headquartered BMM Testlabs is to moreover welcome staff from its RG24seven and BIG Cyber subsidiaries to G2E, where they will be showcasing solutions for newer industry segments such as the North American tribal gaming market.

“G2E is an ecosystem where we can excel in our mission and vision while partnering with like-minded participants to strengthen and protect this extraordinary entertainment and economic experience for the player and the public,” Storm says.

Land-Based Favorites Brought Online

Bragg Gaming Group has a highly successful track record via its Las Vegas-headquartered Wild Streak Gaming studio of building hit land-based slots.

The man who established Wild Streak Gaming and now serves as group content director for Bragg Gaming Group, Doug Fallon, says that his company will be on Booth 3637 at the upcoming Global Gaming Expo showing off its land-based hits. He details that these are to include the Queenie title, which was originally developed by Wild Streak Gaming in partnership with IGT, as well as the Devil’s Lock game from Bluberi, as both are now exclusively available to online customers in the United States via the Bragg Hub online content distribution platform.

“Years of combined experience in both the land-based and online sectors mean Bragg Gaming Group’s teams have developed unique models for successfully adapting popular slots titles from the casino floors for the desktop and mobile devices of iGaming players in the United States,” Fallon says.

Bragg Gaming will further introduce its games to G2E visitors via a Bragg Hub online slot tournament utilizing its Fuze player engagement toolset and exclusively curated for registered delegates. The company states that visitors to the Venetian Convention and Expo Center from October 9 to 12 will be able to see how all of its titles delivered via the Bragg Hub feature Fuze promotional functionalities including free rounds, tournaments and quests.

“The Bragg Hub offers a wide range of online casino games to customers including titles from multiple top studios located around the world,” Fallon says. “Our proprietary portfolio includes games from our in-house Bragg Studios brands Wild Streak Gaming, Spin Games, Atomic Slot Lab and Indigo Magic while the Powered by Bragg range encompasses titles from third-party partners such as Bluberi, Incredible Technologies, King Show Games, Galaxy Gaming, Sega Sammy Creation and Gaming Arts—all built on our remote games server (RGS) and available exclusively to our customers.”

Navigating the Future

As a leader with over 25 years of experience in the gaming industry, Novomatic Americas believes that the annual G2E show is a pivotal event that serves not only as a trade show but also as a nexus of ideas, partnerships and technological advancements.

As the U.S. arm of multinational gaming technologies giant Novomatic AG, the firm is set to be on Booth 1259 showcasing its latest innovations and products. Headquartered in the north Chicago suburb of Buffalo Grove, Novomatic Americas says that the upcoming extravaganza will be “the perfect stage” for its unveiling of “cutting-edge gaming solutions that merge entertainment with technology.”

Kathleen McLaughlin, Corporate Sales and Marketing VP, Novomatic Americas

Kathleen McLaughlin, Corporate Sales and Marketing VP, Novomatic Americas

Kathleen McLaughlin, corporate sales and marketing vice-president for Novomatic Americas, describes G2E as an annual “family reunion of sorts” where the tenacity and strength of the global gaming industry is celebrated. She additionally says that her company possesses “a legacy built on innovation and a keen eye for emerging trends” and intends to utilize the exhibition “to accomplish several key objectives,” including solidifying its reputation “by showcasing products that transcend traditional boundaries.”

“The exhibition’s dynamic atmosphere fosters direct engagement with potential clients and partners, allowing us to gauge real-time feedback and fine-tune our portfolio,” McLaughlin says. “The show is moreover a rendezvous for industry leaders and a place where visionaries from diverse corners of the gaming world converge. Attending G2E means rekindling connections with long-standing associates and having the opportunity to meet new minds who are revolutionizing the sector. Sharing insights, discussing challenges and forging alliances are all essential aspects of growth in our industry.”

McLaughlin says Novomatic Americas will also look to establish new strategic collaborations with partners that “align with our vision for the future of gaming entertainment” and that such alliances “could pave the way for ventures that push the boundaries of innovation even further.”

“Our eyes are also set on exploring new market segments, and G2E will offer a comprehensive view of global gaming trends while enabling us to identify potential untapped opportunities that our expertise can penetrate,” McLaughlin says. “By interacting with industry leaders, regulators and gaming enthusiasts, we gain invaluable insights into market shifts and regulatory landscapes.”

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