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Instant Coupons

Product: EpiCentral Print System, Manufacturer: TransAct Technologies Inc.

Instant Coupons

Product:  EpiCentral Print System
Manufacturer15:19:00TransAct Technologies Inc.

An innovative software solution that enables promotional coupons and other messages to be individualized for casino players and printed for them from their slot machines has been introduced by TransAct Technologies. The company, which markets printers under both the Ithaca and Epic brands, showcased its new EpiCentral Print System at last month’s Global Gaming Expo.  

With this system, casinos will have the ability to provide players with special drawing entries, real-time promotional coupons and marketing messages, restaurant meals, show tickets and hotel rooms, among many other possibilities.

The system is designed as an easy-to-use and cost-effective way for a casino to develop marketing programs and promotional coupons internally to be distributed on a real-time basis at a slot machine.

According to the company, the EpiCentral system connects to any existing slot machine, regardless of the game manufacturer or the casino slot system, as it is separate and distinct from the slot system. The new EpiCentral system does require that the slot machine be equipped with the company’s Epic 950 printer and connect to its ServerPort device.

The system includes a Coupon Layout Generator to design and save any number of coupons or promotions. Common bar-code types can be embedded to enable the tracking of who is using the coupons as well as the effectiveness of the program. Logos or other graphics also can be imported. The system provides for two-color printing and contains multi-language support.

Once the coupons or promotions are created and saved, they are sent to the Server Manager, which has the location or IP address of every slot machine on the casino floor and provides the opportunity to send out either targeted or blanketed messages.  

Overall, the EpiCentral system has been designed to create multiple promotions and incentives that allow casinos to increase customer time spent on the casino floor and encourage additional visits.

For more information on TransAct and its new EpiCentral system, visit or call 1-203-859-6800.

A marketing veteran also based in Las Vegas, Carolan Pepin has been working with companies from beyond the U.S. since her introduction to international business in Chicago with the Japanese conglomerate Panasonic. After being recruited to the gaming industry in 1996, Pepin worked for Aristocrat, Sigma Game and Cyberview Technology. Most recently, she has focused on helping an East European gaming manufacturer with its expansion into the American markets. Pepin can be reached via [email protected].

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