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Infinity V55 Edge Pinwheel


Infinity V55 Edge Pinwheel

Incredible Technologies (IT) is launching its latest product merchandising package utilizing the Infinity Edge.

The Infinity V55 Edge Pinwheel is IT’s unconventional answer to a standard carousel configuration, and it creates an instant feature bank that’s the first of its kind. Game cabinets are separated by Edge monitors, each angled to provide unprecedented player comfort and ease of access for casino floor service members, without disrupting play.

Available in banks of six and eight, the Pinwheel is the ideal solution to wrap unsightly columns as well as serve as a centerpiece for any gaming section.

Each Pinwheel bank plays custom content on the brilliant 4K Edge displays, and playlists are curated specifically for each individual property. Operators can easily change the content as themes are converted on the bank. As with all Edge banks, operators are given the opportunity to also include custom content to advertise the property’s on-site amenities like player card programs, entertainment venues and dining.

For casinos looking to create a truly show-stopping bank, IT offers the chance to create section-branded attract video for a cohesive package that reiterates the casino brand and blends seamlessly with the property. The Pinwheel configuration entices players from every angle with continuous 4K video that demands attention.

Before the Edge’s introduction, casinos were left with costly signage packages or stagnant plexiglass wedges when seeking a better way to market games to their customers. With the introduction of the Edge, the possibilities are nearly infinite.

“Paired with powerful gaming content and a beautiful view from any angle, the Infinity V55 Edge Pinwheel is the innovative bank every slot floor needs,” says a company official.

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