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InfiGifts • Booth 2216


InfiGifts is a gifting and promotion solution that allows casino players to claim gift rewards through an app or kiosk. There is no investment in staffing, storage or gift logistics. Everything about the gifting event is managed through technology. Gifts are delivered direct to the player’s home address.

InfiGifts reimagines the gifting experience for players by addressing the operational inefficiencies and player experience challenges associated with running gifting events.

Casino Benefits

  • No more gift logistics – Casinos don’t need to meticulously plan for the delivery of gift products to their property.
  • No storage requirements – There is no need to invest in on-property storage.
  • No need for expensive staffing – Removes the need for expanded staffing on the gift event day; allows casino staff to focus on providing the best guest service rather than managing the gift event.
  • No large-scale returns – Only gifts that are redeemed are delivered, eliminating gift returns.

Player Experience Benefits

  • No more lines – Players don’t need to stand in line to claim their gift rewards.
  • No rain checks – Gifts never run out of stock; players can always claim their gift.
  • Gift optionality – Players have extensive gift options to choose from across multiple categories of gifting products including home goods, electronics, kitchenware, accessories and many others.
  • Tiered rewards – Players receive gift rewards that better align with their level of play and worth at the casino.

InfiGifts eliminates many of the operational inefficiencies associated with running a gifting event, saving the casino considerable cost. The player experience is improved, allowing players to claim exactly the gift reward they want, tiered specifically to their worth at the property. Players don’t need to stand in line to claim their gift rewards and gift options never run out of stock.

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