Inari Riches

Konami Gaming

Konami’s latest KP3 video slot is in the “Reeleven” series, which features screen formats of 11 independent spinning reels framing a three-by-three middle grid of reel symbols with a standard reel on each end.

In Reeleven, two reels of the game screen are traditional reels; that is to say, all of the virtual stops of the game’s program are included, with three stops displayed. The remaining three reels displayed are actually nine reels, each displayed in the space of a single symbol, each with all stops in the program represented.

Inari Riches places the traditional reels on the outside in a Japanese-themed game. The game itself features the popular “Xtra Reward” bonus features. The same symbols on the outer reels trigger the “Gigantic Symbol Feature,” in which the nine individual reels are spun to complete a single gigantic symbol like in a puzzle, with each reel holding in place until the spins run out or the symbol is completed.

The reel display features a 3D effect in the enhanced video format of the KP3 series.

Manufacturer: Konami Gaming
Platform: KP3
Format: Eleven-reel, 20, 30 or 40-line video slot
Denomination: .01—5.00
Max Bet: 3,000
Top Award: 800,000
Hit Frequency: Approximately 29%
Theoretical Hold: 3.9%—17.8%