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Daniel Duffiney, Surveillance Manager, Grand Traverse Resort and Casino

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Daniel Duffiney is the surveillance manager at the Grand Traverse Resort and Casino in Northern Michigan, where he has been working since turning 18. Needless to say, he has lots of experience in the gaming industry, having started as a dealer and eventually moving to surveillance, where he has quickly moved up the ranks to the position he currently holds.

Though he has worked at the Grand Traverse for basically his entire professional career, Duffiney credits his time with organizations, even some outside of gaming, for having made him a better employee and boss. He serves as vice chairman of the Michigan Indian Gaming Communication Network (MIGCN), is on the board of a local nonprofit called Northport Promise that provides college scholarships to local students, and was elected to the local school board, where he is the treasurer.

Duffiney recognizes these ventures as giving him the experience and knowledge to grow as an individual, which in turn has made him a more valuable employee.

Duffiney acknowledges that he has always been a very logical person, with a knack for organization. He is able to see a problem, search out a solution and implement it successfully. Much as he did when he went to get his system technician certification, he was able to take a confident logical lead when converting their current system from analog to digital. By taking the initiative, he was able to help the overall success of the organization.

Duffiney points out that having endeavors outside the workplace is always important. Obviously, he understands that always being present and making a noticeable effort to contribute is always important in the workplace; however, there are some things that cannot be learned at work.

He recommends finding a place in your community that interests you, and volunteering your time to help them improve. Not only are you helping to create something better for a community that you belong to, but you are gaining valuable experience, contacts, confidence and humility. All of which go a long way in the workplace.

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