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Product: Stand-Alone Cashless Slot System Manufacturer: DR Gaming Technology

I, Button

DR Gaming Technology of Belgium has developed a cashless solution for use with stand-alone slot machines. The system allows the operator to convert any reel or touch-screen video machine into a cashless device, regardless of its age or manufacturer.

The company offers separate systems for reel slots, video slots with one monitor and video slots with two or more monitors. Each solution works with a mix of components, some of which depend on the type of slot involved and some which are used with all three.

The heart of the system is the portable iButton, which contains a player’s account information and which the player uses to transfer credits to and from the slot machine. Credits are loaded onto the iButton using the slot’s own bill validator, at the cage or by means of an automated cash machine such as DRGT’s drCARM—Casino Automatic Redemption Machine. The last two options are also used for cashing out.

The drFast solution for reel slots features a transponder integrated within the push-button panel which interfaces with the iButton. Communication with the slot is managed by drConnect, mounted inside the machine where the hopper used to be. The optional drReel Screen replaces the reel slot’s pay table glass and provides players with their complete account details, as well as enabling direct communication with the player.

The drTouch and drTouch² systems, for use with single-screen and multi-screen video slots respectively, provide the player complete visual oversight of his or her iButton account information while allowing uninterrupted gaming. The iButton transponder is situated on the push-button panel, the drConnect hardware can be mounted within cabinet, and drVGA technology integrates the system with the slot machine’s display. Additional features include machine jackpot information and the ability to utilize drConnect Direct Player Broadcasting features.

For situations in which tickets are needed, DRGT offers drTicket and drSideBox, which work with the iButton. The former is used with machines already capable of accommodating a ticket printer; the latter is for machines lacking that capability and provides a complete ticket printing solution.

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