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Huxley Announces New Patent

Table-game supplier TCS John Huxley Europe Ltd. announced a new patent the company has been issued for a live gaming system in which players in a card game like blackjack can make their decisions on hands simultaneously.

The system uses a live dealer and real cards, but has individual electronic player stations for wagering and decision-making.

Huxley was issued patents for the system itself and for the simultaneous wagering method. Worldwide links of patents for both inventions are pending.

“This represents a major milestone in achieving TCS John Huxley’s vision for live gaming, which is to enable customers to vastly expand the distribution of their live card games electronically at low cost, and to broaden mass-market appeal by lowering minimum bet thresholds,” said a statement from the company.

“Essential to delivering our vision is 100 percent reliability of live card value recognition and verification, which has been achieved through many years of intense research and development.”