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Crystal Janvier, Researcher/Analyst, Federation of Saskatchewan Indian Nations

Crystal Janvier can be quite the motivator and mover when it comes to change. A graduate of Saskatchewan Indian Institute of Technology (SIIT) then continuing to the University of Saskatchewan, career opportunities took a turn for the better when she had to make a choice of working full-time or living on a part-time income.

She was determined to make a difference from the environment she was living in and make a change for her children. She started with the Federation of Saskatchewan Indian Nation (FSIN) as a summer student back in 1996 and became full-time in 2002.

After working in a number of different capacities, she is currently the co-chair coordinator for implementing the FSIN’s “First Nations Addictions Rehabilitation Foundation” program.

Janvier has taken numerous workshops,

webinars and various trainings from Train the Trainer for Domestic Violence Intervention, Introduction to Treating Problem Gambling, Assessment, Treatment Delivery and Prevention, and Holistic Training in the Prevention and Treatment of Problem Gambling, and has received two scholarships from the National Center for Responsible Gaming. 

However, all her success in both her career and educational and extracurricular activities did come at a price. “Emerging into the field of gaming and gambling,” she says, “I had to learn and understand for myself what gambling means and how this has impacted my own First Nations people.”

She goes on to explain that it is up to her and her team to bridge the gap between the new and those that have been in the field for a long time. As co-chair of the team implementing the FSIN’s addiction rehabilitation foundation, she feels it is her duty to understand if gambling is the primary issue for the First Nation people, or if it is a co-morbidity issue. Gambling may be the issue on the surface, but could be covering up some more serious issues underneath, a key co-morbidity finding of the National Council for Responsible Gaming.

Having passion for those who are in need of help and the drive to never give up are positive traits that she will have to hold true to in order to accomplish her goals—both of which she gives credit to her mentors for instilling on her early in her career. “Regardless of home life or work, we all need some type of guidance and assistance, and it is up to us as individuals to seek that help and let our guard down,” says Janvier. “It is not the job of the people we look up to, to seek us out, but rather our duty to reach out to these individuals in our life to ask for help. More often than not, they are more than happy to help in any way possible.”

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