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Harrah's Installs WMS Star Trek Networked Game

Harrah’s Entertainment has signed an agreement with slot manufacturer WMS Gaming to install the slot-maker’s networked “Star Trek” game at all its properties.

Star Trek, the first game in a series WMS calls “Adaptive Gaming,” uses a wide-area network to give players an “episodic” experience. The game includes several “episodes” of the original Star Trek television series, each episode a completely different slot game with different reel symbols, bonuses, etc. Players earn “medals from Star Fleet” by achieving different bonus levels in a game, and with enough medals, can move into a new “episode”-a new slot-on the same box.

The network allows players to stop playing at one casino and pick the game up exactly where they left off at another casino. The game prints out a log-in code that can be used to save progress on the game.

Harrah’s will have the Star Trek network active at its 40-plus casinos across the U.S.