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GSA Issues Protocol Clarification

The Gaming Standards Association has released clarifications to its groundbreaking G2S (for game-to-system) protocol standard.

G2S is the computer protocol designed to eventually let gaming machines from any manufacturer communicate with any other manufacturer’s system.

GSA’s G2S Committee has released the “G2S Message Protocol v2.0.1.” The package includes the protocol, errata, schema files and an important clarification document that fine-tunes many points of the G2S protocol. The document is available for free and can be immediately downloaded from the GSA’s website,

“The G2S protocol was a huge leap forward for the industry,” said GSA Technical Director Marc McDermott. “Like with any new technology, as you start to use it, you come across details and minor issues that need clarification. This document helps to answer questions about the protocol and provides manufacturers even more information, so that we as an industry can enhance the interoperability of our products, making operators’ dreams of plug-and-play a reality.”

The document, like the protocol itself, was developed by GSA’s G2S Committee. The committee is comprised of a wide range of representatives from the global gaming industry.