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GSA Releases New Standards

The Gaming Standards Association has released 11 new advanced standards, including an updated system-to-system (S2S) protocol and a new specification called SSI (Simple System Interface), both designed to increase operator and developer efficiencies and facilitate innovation.

S2S, a communications protocol that helps untangle different back-of-house network interfaces, is fully integrated with the association’s popular game-to-system (G2S) standard, making it easier to dispatch G2S transactions and extend G2S functionality to an array of end points. It also simplifies message handling and communications requirements and does away with unnecessary and redundant features.

S2S allows slot manufacturers to develop a single peer-to-peer interface for communicating with gaming and non-gaming systems and simplifying connectivity over wide-area and local-area networks.

“The bottom line is the S2S protocol is now easier—easier to implement, easier to test and easier to operate,” said S2S Committee Chairman Jeff Shephard of IGT.

SSI is designed to address implementer needs by providing a method to achieve a simpler client-server mode of operation where the full power of S2S is not required. SSI accomplishes this by providing a simple and efficient method for accessing system resources.

Each of the standards is available free to all GSA members on the association’s website,

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